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11 Unique Tours Through Lisbon

Miradouro Senhora do Monte in Lisbon

In a Nutshell: Our Top 3 Lisbon Tours

  • History and Lifestyle Tour: A classic city tour that is perfect for all first-timers to Lisbon. Get to know the top attractions as well as the local lifestyle.
  • Boat trip on the Tagus: Sail into the sunset on the Tagus and see the sights along the shore without other tourists. So beautiful!
  • Street Art Tour Lisbon: Lisbon is one of the best cities in Europe for street art. Discover the most beautiful works and learn more about background info and artists.

Those were our top 3 picks for tours in Lisbon. But there are many more cool city tours in the city that we will now introduce to you in more detail.

Lisbon Walking Tour: History, Stories, and Lifestyle

Lisbon Pantheon
The Pantheon is just one of the highlights on this city tour of Lisbon

The ‘history, stories, and lifestyle’ walking tour is the perfect way to explore Lisbon if you’re visiting for the first time. Your guide will show you the main sights and neighborhoods of Lisbon, so you can easily find your way around.

In addition, your guide has plenty of insider tips to share so that you can experience the authentic Lisbon lifestyle. Of course, there will be delicious Pastéis de Nata to enjoy with your coffee along the way. Yum!

You can choose an English-speaking guide when booking this tour. In total, you’ll be exploring Lisbon for about three hours.

To the Lisbon walking tour

Private Walking Tour of Lisbon

Lisbon Cathedral
Experience a private tour of Lisbon where your guide will cater to your interests, such as visiting the Cathedral

With a private tour, you’ll have your guide all to yourself. While it may cost more than a group tour, your guide will take your individual interests into consideration, and you can ask as many questions as you want.

We highly recommend the private Lisbon tour, especially if you’re traveling with a group or family. For groups of five or more, it can even be more cost-effective than the traditional group tour.

In addition to a three-hour walking tour, this private tour also includes a ride on the famous Tram 28E and a tasting of Portuguese tapas, wine, and Pastéis de Nata.

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Lisbon Bike Tour: Downtown Lisbon to Belém

Bicycle tour through Lisbon
Cycling along the banks of the Tagus River is a unique highlight in Lisbon

We are big fans of sightseeing tours on bikes. It’s a fun and active way to discover a new city. You’ll be able to cover more ground than on foot and discover hidden corners that a bus can’t reach.

Plus, cycling is just plain fun! You don’t need to have a high level of fitness – we promise! The tour lasts four hours, with a stop at a café along the way.

To the bike tour through Lisbon

Lisbon Tuk Tuk Tour: Following the Trail of Tram 28E

E-Tuk Tuk in Lisbon
Electric Tuk Tuks are an iconic sight in Lisbon, and a tour along the route of Tram 28E is particularly beautiful

In recent years, Tuk Tuks have become a popular choice for tours in Lisbon. Unlike their Asian counterparts, these Tuk Tuks are electrically powered and environmentally friendly.

Up to six people can comfortably fit in a Tuk Tuk, making it an excellent choice for a family vacation in Lisbon.

On this tour, you’ll follow Lisbon’s famous Tram 28E, which is particularly convenient during the hot summer when the tram is overflowing with people. Your guide will provide you with plenty of tips and information during the ride.

To the Lisbon Tuk Tuk Tour

Tuk Tuk Tour to Lisbon’s Best Viewpoints

Miradouro Senhora do Monte in Lisbon
On this tour you’ll discover stunning viewpoints such as the Miradouro Senhora do Monte

Lisbon is famous for its stunning viewpoints, and this tour takes you to four of the best: Senhora do Monte, São Pedro de Alcântara, Portas do Sol, and Miradouro do Torel.

Your Tuk Tuk will take you up and down hills through the neighborhoods of Alfama, Chiado, and Graça. By the end of the tour, you’ll have seen Lisbon from every angle and have some beautiful photos of Lisbon to show.

The tour lasts two hours and we highly recommend taking the tour at sunset for a truly romantic experience!

To the viewpoint Tuk Tuk tour

Boat Tour on the Tagus River at Sunset

Sunset on the Tagus River in Lisbon
A sunset boat tour on the Tagus River offers a unique view of the Ponte 25 de Abril

Boat tours are always fantastic, but even more so when you’re sailing directly into the sunset. It’s as romantic as it sounds!

During this two-hour boat tour, you’ll pass by many of Lisbon’s highlights, such as the 25th of April Bridge and the Cristo Rei statue. However, you won’t have to navigate through crowds of tourists to see them.

The tour can be taken during the day or at night, but we highly recommend taking it at sunset for an unforgettable experience. Plus, you’ll receive a welcome drink to toast to the occasion.

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Lisbon Street Art Tour in Alfama

Street art in Lisbon
There’s a great deal of street art in Lisbon. A work of art hidden behind every corner. Really awesome!

Lisbon is one of those places with exceptional street art on almost every street corner.

What’s cool about a street art walking tour is that your guide not only selects the most beautiful works of street art and tile art for you, but also provides information about the artists and the political significance of the works.

Your guide will take you to places where spraying is officially allowed, so you can watch the artists at work. You’ll also get to know the Alfama and Bairro Alto neighborhoods in a more authentic way.

To the street art tour in Lisbon

Helicopter Flight Over Lisbon

Cristo Rei Statue Lisbon
From the air, Lisbon looks even more beautiful (© Ingus Kruklitis)

If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience in Lisbon, a helicopter flight is perfect! It’s not cheap, but you don’t get to fly in a helicopter every day. Maybe you already have a special occasion in mind?

During the flight, you’ll be connected to your pilot via headphones, who will provide you with useful information. From a bird’s-eye view, Lisbon looks even more beautiful!

The helicopter can accommodate up to three people and the flight lasts around 15 minutes. It’s not long, but you’ll see an incredible amount all at once.

To the helicopter flight over Lisbon

Culinary Tour of Lisbon

Pastéis de Nata
Obviously, no culinary tour of Lisbon would be complete without trying Pastéis de Nata

Pastéis de Nata, delicious port wine, and fresh fish – yum! Are you already getting hungry?

For three hours, your guide will take you to exclusive gourmet shops, traditional Tascas, and historic cafes. You will get to try Chouriço, Bacalhau, Portuguese coffee, and Ginjinha liquor. Your guide will also provide you with insider knowledge on Portuguese eating habits and insider tips for authentic restaurants in Lisbon.

At 58 euros, the tour may seem expensive at first. However, it’s also essentially a city tour and a very rich dinner or lunch in one. The value for money is therefore top-notch!

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Private Day Tour to Fátima, Batalha, Óbidos, and Nazaré

Nazaré Surfer
The highest surfed wave in the world was in Nazaré and reached a height of around 26 meters – incredible!

Join this guided day tour to explore four of the most beautiful destinations around Lisbon:

  • Óbidos: a historic town with an old castle and walkable city walls
  • Nazaré: known for having the biggest waves in all of Europe
  • Batalha: a picturesque small town famous for the Monastery of Batalha
  • Fátima: a pilgrimage site for up to six million visitors annually

The tour is suitable for groups of up to seven people. Your guide will pick you up in the morning directly from your hotel in Lisbon in an air-conditioned van. Along the way, you’ll also enjoy delicious Caldeirada, a typical Portuguese fish stew.

From Lisbon: day tour to Fátima, Batalha, Óbidos, and Nazaré

Day Tour: Kayaking in Arrábida Natural Park

Natural Park Arrabida near Lisbon
Embarking on a kayaking trip to the Arrábida Natural Park is a special experience

The tour takes you to Praia dos Galapinhos, voted as the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2017, located within the nature preserve.

You can choose to paddle alone or with a partner in the kayak, while your guide leads the way along the steep coast and through crystal-clear waters. Upon reaching the beach, you’ll enjoy a big picnic with typical Portuguese food and can swim, snorkel or simply relax in the sand.

The excursion lasts about eight hours, including transportation from Lisbon, and all equipment for kayaking and snorkeling is provided.

From Lisbon: Kayaking tour in Arrábida Park

Do you know of any other cool tours in Lisbon?

Those were our recommendations for exciting city tours in Lisbon. Have you been to the Portuguese capital and can recommend a Lisbon tour? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!