Day Trips From Lisbon

Must-see places around Lisbon

In a nutshell: Day trips from Lisbon

  • If you know all the main sights of Lisbon, it’s about time you made a trip to the beautiful surroundings of Lisbon.
  • A day trip from Lisbon to the other side of the Tagus River and visiting the Cristo Rei statue is absolutely worth it.
  • There are many great beaches around Lisbon where you can enjoy a day at the beach, for example in Cascais.
  • The most popular destination from Lisbon is the city of Sintra with its Cabo da Roca on the coast.
  • If you want to venture a little further, trips up north to Nazaré or Porto are a great idea.

Almada: the Sanctuary of Christ the King on the other side of the Tagus

Sanctuary of Christ the King
The Sanctuary of Christ the King is one of the coolest places to visit from Lisbon, and not far away!

The beautiful city of Almada is only a short ferry ride from Lisbon. The boat ride is already worth the trip because you will have a fantastic view of the city.

The main attraction on this side of the river is clearly the 28-meter-high statue of Christ the King (or Santuário de Cristo Rei in Portuguese), one of Lisbon’s most beautiful scenic viewpoints. It stands tall on a 75-meter base, built at an altitude of 113 meters above sea level, making it one of the tallest monuments in Portugal.

You can visit the area around the foot of the statue for free, but we would definitely recommend an elevator ride to the top of the base. For 8 euros you will have a stunning view of Lisbon.

How much time should you plan for this trip: at least 3 hours.

How to get to the Sanctuary of Christ the King in Almada

To get to the Sanctuary of Christ the King from Lisbon, first take the ferry and then the bus. Your trip starts at the Cais do Sodré ferry terminal.

It’s the last stop on the green metro line and the ferry terminal is right outside the station. Just follow the signs to the ferry dock.

Then take the ferry to Cacilhas. Ferries run about every 20 minutes and the crossing takes about 15 minutes. You can pay for the trip with your rechargeable Viva Viagem card. A one-way journey will cost you 1.50 euros.

Once you arrive on the other side of the Tagus River, head to the bus station right outside the ferry terminal. Bus number 101 takes you up the mountain to the statue in about 20 minutes. You can buy the bus ticket directly from the driver for 1.50 euros.

Guided tour of the Sanctuary of Christ the King near Lisbon

This guided tour not only includes a visit to the Sanctuary of Christ the King, but also to the other side of the Tagus, which is much less touristy. This is included in the tour:

  • boat trip on the Tagus river
  • a visit to the Sanctuary of Christ the King (elevator optional)
  • walking tour along the river bank

Guided tour to the Sanctuary of Christ the King

A trip to the beaches near Lisbon

Carcavelos beach near Lisbon
From the center of Lisbon you can easily get to Praia de Carcavelos

If you’re on vacation in Lisbon, a trip to the seaside is a must.

All around Lisbon there are lots of beautiful sandy beaches, which can easily be reached by public transport. So a day trip to the beach should definitely be on your agenda.

If you don’t want to go too far, we recommend Praia de Carcavelos. It only takes about half an hour to get from Lisbon to the beach of Carcavelos, where you can bathe in the (usually icy cold) sea.

You can find even more tips for the most beautiful beaches around Lisbon in our detailed article:

The best beaches near Lisbon

Cascais: A day trip from Lisbon to the sea

Cascais Beach
Praia da Ribeira de Cascais

You should definitely include a trip to the coastal town Cascais when planing your city break to Lisbon.

We loved the sea breeze and enjoyed fresh fish and good wine on the beach promenade with a view of the crashing Atlantic as a picturesque backdrop. We also rented bikes during the day and headed to our favorite beach, Praia do Guincho – one of the most beautiful beaches around Lisbon.

Once a fishing village, it has become one of the most popular summer home destinations of Lisbon’s high society.

How much time should you plan for your day trip from Lisbon to Cascais: at least half a day. But you can easily spend a few days in the coastal town if you want.

How to get from Lisbon to Cascais

The best way to get from Lisbon to Cascais is by train and it only takes a little over 30 minutes. You can catch a train from Cais do Sodre station every 20 minutes. A ticket only costs 2.30 euros and you can pay with the Viva Viagdem Card. In case you have a Lisboa Card, the ride is even included.

Our tip: Make sure you sit on the left side of the train for a great view of the coast!

Guided tour from Lisbon to Cascais

You can easily combine a trip to Cascais with a visit to Sintra (our #3) and Cabo da Roca (our #4). You can choose between the cheaper tour option as a small group with a maximum of eight people or a completely private tour.

  • pick-up in Lisbon
  • local guide
  • free time in Sintra (1.5 hours)
  • optional: ticket to the Palacio da Pena
  • stopover in Cabo da Roca
  • tour of Cascais

Cascais group tour from Lisbon
Private tour to Cascais

Sintra: Palaces, castles, and fabulous mountain landscapes

Palacio Nacional da Pena in Sintra near Lissabon
The magical city of Sintra is one of the most popular destinations from Lisbon

Sintra is a small town only 25 kilometers west of Lisbon and is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. It’s teeming with magnificent palaces and castles, which – as if their inherent fairy-tale flair wasn’t fabulous enough – are embedded in a truly fairy-like rich green landscape.

No wonder Sintra used to be the summer residence of Portuguese kings for 800 years. Today, the town has become a real tourist magnet, so be prepared for tons of tourists.

The absolute highlight is the Palacio Nacional da Pena with its colorful facade, little towers and battlements. You should check out some other sights though too, like the Quinta da Regaleira and the Monserrate Palace.

How much time should you plan for your day trip to Sintra: at least 5 hours.

How to get from Lisbon to Sintra

You can get to Sintra by CP train from Rossio station. The trip takes about 40 minutes and trains leave every 30 minutes. You can get a ticket for 2.30 euros. If you have a Lisboa Card, the ride is included.

Important: If you’re thinking about renting a car to drive to Sintra, please forget about it. You’ll be a nervous wreck by the end of your trip because of the really weird one-way street rules, narrow streets, and impossibly rare parking spaces.

Guided tour from Lisbon to Sintra

It’s especially worth booking a guided tour to Sintra. It’s pretty hilly and the buses are extremely crowded. A tour takes care of transportation and you can make the most of your time there.

  • pick-up in Lisbon
  • on site transfer in Sintra
  • local guide
  • stops at Pena Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, and Monserrate Palace

Small group tour from Lisbon to Sintra

You can also book a private tour. Then you have your guide all to yourself.

Private Tour of Sintra from Lisbon

Cabo da Roca: A trip from Lisbon to the westernmost point in Europe

Cabo da Roca near Lisbon
The view at Cabo de Roca is definitely worth a trip from Lisbon!

Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of Europe. The beautiful landscape, the sea breeze blowing through your hair, and the lighthouse right by the steep cliffs that drop down vertically into the sea make Cabo da Roca worth a trip – especially at sunset!

Most visitors just have a quick look at the view. But if you have a little more time, you will also find great hiking trails and beaches in the area, such as Praia da Ursa.

How much time should you plan for your day trip to Cabo da Roca: about 30 minutes.

How to get from Lisbon to Cabo da Roca

You can take bus number 403 to Cabo da Roca from Sintra and Cascais. The bus ride from either direction takes about 40 minutes. You can find more information about tickets here.

Guided tour from Lisbon to Cabo da Roca

Going on a day trip only to Cabo da Roca doesn’t make much sense. It’s a much better idea to combine this tour with Cascais and/or Sintra, like the one we linked to before (#3 Cascais).

Nazaré: A trip to the Surf Mecca of Europe

Nazaré Beach
Panoramic view of the fishing village of Nazaré and the vast sandy beach

Nazaré, about 120 kilometers north of Lisbon, is actually just a little fishing village. But what makes Nazaré so special? It’s the monster waves! In 2020, Sebastian Steudtner from Nuremberg surfed the world record in big wave surfing in Nazaré: 26.21 meters – absolutely incredible!

Even if you’re not into surfing, you’ll be captivated by the waves crashing into the cliff. But it’s also almost always full of tourists trying to take the perfect picture.

The best time to spot the monster waves is during the winter season from October to March. That’s when the waves are the biggest and the international surfing elite heads to Nazaré’s coast.

How much time should you plan for your trip from Lisbon to Nazaré: a day.

How to get from Lisbon to Nazaré

The easiest way to get to Nazaré is by rental car. It takes about 90 minutes.

Another option is to take a Rede Expressos bus. Tickets start at 5 euros and you’re on the road for about two hours.

Guided tour from Lisbon to Nazaré

On this guided tour you will visit several places on the way to Nazaré. So it’s perfect if you want to see a little more of Portugal.

  • Óbidos: a historic little town with a castle
  • Batalha: known for its beautiful monastery
  • Fátima: a popular pilgrimage site
  • and of course Nazaré

Day trip from Lisbon to Nazaré

Porto: A trip to the second-largest city in Portugal

The skyline of Porto
Porto is beautiful and just 2,5 hours from Lisbon. A day trip is absolutely worth it!

Porto is much smaller than Lisbon and not as well known, but actually has just as much to offer. The city is beautiful!

Two city trips might sound a bit over the top at first, but it’s actually not that crazy. After all, Porto and Lisbon are only 2.5 hours apart by train.

We can absolutely recommend the Baumhaus Apartments. We stayed there as well and loved it.

Baumhaus Apartments

How much time should you plan for your trip from Lisbon to Porto: at least one full day to see the all the main attractions. But two days are better.

How to get from Lisbon to Porto

The easiest and most convenient way to travel is by train. You can buy tickets at the train station or book them in advance online. Ticket prices start at 25 euros, if you get them online they are sometimes a little cheaper. You can choose between an IC train, which takes 3 hours, and an AP train, which takes about 2.5 hours.

What’s your favorite destination in the area around Lisbon?

Have you ever been to Lisbon and know some great places to visit in the area? Is your favorite destination on our list? Please let us know in the comments below!