Unusual city tours in Berlin: Experience the real Berlin!

You want to see more in Berlin than just the typical tourist sights? We have listed the best alternative city tours, with which you can explore Berlin far away from the tourist spots.

No other city in Germany has as many visitors as Berlin. No surprise, because Berlin is simply fantastic!

If you are currently planning a weekend or a longer visit in our capital, but prefer to stay away from the typical tourist paths, there are lots of alternatives for your Berlin tour.

What makes Berlin so unique is not just its museums and monuments, but the little special things, that you don’t get to see in a “standard Berlin tour”.

That’s why we have searched for the most interesting, alternative and special city tours in the hippest parts of Berlin.

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Bike tour: Berlin wall

This tour will be provided by the experts of Berlin Bike Tour and takes about 3 to 4 hours. It starts and ends at the former border checkpoint Bornholmer Straße in Prenzlauer Berg.

You will pass several memorials, monuments and more former checkpoints on the way along the Berlin Wall, which will be explained to you by your guide.

And you will also visit one of the last original watch towers, the world famous Checkpoint Charlie as well as lots of other remaining parts of the Wall.

Since this tour is by bike, you will find out way more about the history of the Wall than by foot. It went through the entire city after all.

So if you want to visualize what life – and tragically death as well – was like between East and West for almost 40 years, we absolutely recommend this Berlin city tour.

Rental bikes are of course included, there will be a discount for bringing your own bike.

To the bike tour “Berlin Wall”

Watchtower at the Schlesische Busch
Watchtower at the ‘Schlesische Busch’

City walk: Wild Kreuzberg

The small city tour “Wild Kreuzberg” is a relaxed yet vivid tour by foot through Kreuzberg, which takes about 3 hours. The tour does purposely not guide you through the fancy parts of Kreuzberg, but through the underground Kreuzberg, multicultural and lively.

The walk goes from the Kottbusser Tor through the popular streets and places of the cult district, along huge, world famous street art, the coolest bars and clubs and the most famous cultural spots, such as the Markthalle Neun or the art house Bethanien.

The tour ends at the Islamic culture house at the infamous Görlitz park.

To the tour “Wild Kreuzberg”

South Friedrichststadt
South Friedrichststadt – Kreuzberg behind the scenes

Trabi Tour

You can also explore Berlin’s sights on a funny Trabant Berlin tour. You will ride for 75 minutes in a colorful Trabi convoy through Berlin. The tour passes the Potsdamer Platz, the Brandenburg Gate, the East Side Gallery, the Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin dome among others.

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To our favorite 22 attractions in Berlin

If you’re early you can choose which Trabi you want. There can be up to four persons in the car and you can hear the comments on the sights live on the radio.

At the end, everyone gets a Trabi license as a souvenir.

To the Trabi tour through Berlin

Culinary Kreuzberg

On this tour you not only get to see the beautiful backyards and hidden corners of Kreuzberg, you will be served many tasty treats.

You will try the best curry sausage in Berlin and a glass of Mampe is mandatory, the classical Berlin herbal liquor that every pub serves.

There will be tasty craft beer and the tour ends at the Marheinke market hall in the Bergmannkiez in Kreuzberg.

And if you are not filled up by then, you can finish yourself off by trying the food at the different stands there.

To the tour “Culinay Kreuzberg”

Tempelhof Myth: The old airport

The airport Tempelhof has been shut down years ago. Yet the impressive architecture still attracts a lot of people.

The former airfield is used as a place for recreation by the Berliners. On the huge green area in the middle of the city, people have barbeques, parties or they just in enjoy the sun. Others use the old runways for skating and biking. The airport building is not open for public and can only be visited on a guided tour.

On this tour you will visit the old terminal building and learn a lot about the hidden tunnels and bunkers on the area. Very exciting!

Alternatively there is a tour, which specifically deals with the hidden places at the Tempelhof airport. That, too, is very exciting!

To the tour The Legend of Tempelhof
To the tour Tempelhof Airport: Hidden Places

The Tempelhof airport – infinite space in the midst of the city. In the very back you can make out the old terminal buildings.

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30 years fall of the Berlin Wall: The divided Berlin

A witness will guide you for 2,5 hours to the most important monuments and symbols of the Berlin Wall.

You will see the former ghost stations, original parts of the Wall, the Chapel of Reconciliation and the Palace of Tears.

There will be personal stories of the victims of the regime and the Berlin Wall. The tour ends at the documentation center with press, film and photo material of the time between 1961 and 1990.

The guided tour passes through some different districts of Berlin, which is why public transportation will be used.

The tour is available Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10.30 am, but can be booked on different days for a minimum of 3 persons.

To the tour “Victims of the Wall”

East Side Gallery
Today the Berlin Wall is a tourist attraction but it used to be the bitter reality.

Queer through Schöneberg

On this tour you’ll learn about the history of the world famous Rainbow-District Schöneberg. The lesbian and gay scene has been formed here in the 1920s and is a vivid place around the Nollendorfplatz with many bars, cafés and clubs.

This tour follows the steps of the history of the homosexual scene back in time, with lots of information about the people and city monuments of the time between the First World War and the Nazi regime.

To the Queer Walking Tour

Walk through the backyards of Berlin-Mitte

Berlin-Mitte has a bunch of hidden backyards that are easily missed on the typical tourist paths.

This tour leads you right to these backyards and starts at the Hackesche Markt. It goes through the Haus Schwarzenberg, the Hackeschen Höfe and the New Synagogue.

Horse stables and old factory buildings turned into stylish restaurants and art galleries, but you still breathe the flair of isolation and hard work that once prevailed here.

Hardly any other place combines Berlin’s industrial history and today’s modernity like this part of the city and its hidden backyards.

This tour takes 2 hours and 15 minutes and ends in front of the Clärchens Ballhaus, Berlin’s oldest dance club. By the way you can eat and drink there really well.

To the Berlin Courtyards Tour