Our team

On a grey October night, with spaghetti all’arrabiata and a good red wine, we chose to turn our lives upside down and just a few weeks later we published our first version of 22places.de.

Today 22places is the most read travel and photography blog in Germany with 400,000 readers a month.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

22places grew so fast that at one point we needed to admit to ourselves that we couldn’t handle it alone anymore.

Now, the two of us are real perfectionists and the mere thought of giving tasks to others gave us the chills.

While we were still resisting to take people on for our team, the list of ideas for 22places got longer and longer. We simply couldn’t start something new with all the daily workload. The everyday business took up all of our time.

So we jumped into the cold water: We absolutely needed a team!

Aside from our list of requirements being long, we needed to find employees that were willing to work without a permanent office.

We work from differing locations and in different time zones, after all. You need a whole lot of trust to your staff. How is that supposed to work – from one moment to the other?

By now we know: It works fantastic!

We are very proud to present to you our wonderful team, with which we share not only our passion for traveling, but also years of friendship.

Jenny & Basti

Die Gründer

That would be us. Jenny & Basti. We want to keep this section short, since this is not about us.

If you want to learn more about the two of us, open this page for later.


Head of Online Marketing

Julie is our first permanent full time employee. That never ceases to sound amazing to us. We are employers now. Hihi.

Julie is our right and left hand and supports us in everything we do. She especially handles our online marketing – basically the many things in the background that need to happen in order to show the outside world that 22places exists.

We not only share a love for traveling and photography with Julie, but also a friendship for many years.

Julie knew Jenny way before Jenny met Basti (sorry, Basti!), as they used to live together during their studies in Holland and Berlin.

After her studies, Julie worked for online marketing agencies in Berlin and Düsseldorf, until she realized: Hey, it’s way cooler with Jenny & Basti. Duh!

Useless facts about Julie:

Julie is the most patient person we have ever met. At least she never shows any impatience for a reaaaaally long time.

That is why she is the best in the world at untangling knots and our first go to when something needs to be done with patience and perseverance.

She likes to boulder, considers carnival to be compulsory and if you ask her which movie to watch, she always says “I don’t care, I’m going to fall asleep anyways”. And look, she (almost) always proves to be right.

Julie’s best trait:

That you can rely on her 222 percent. No matter when, no matter what, no matter how.

Julie’s worst trait:

That she simply does not want to move from Düsseldorf closer to us. (We’re working on it, dear Julie!)

Julie’s favorite travel destination:

Easy one: Canada

Julie’s dream destination:

To see the northern lights on Canada! But to be honest, it’s mainly about the northern lights and she would be content to see them in Norway, Sweden, Finland or Iceland as well.


Head of Online Editorial

Rebecca was our first external author and taught us to trust someone with our work and that we do not need to do everything by ourselves.

During that time we fell so much in love with her that we did not want to give her away once she was done with her Italy articles.

And we are happy to be able to keep her and that she is now a permanent member of our 22places team.

Useless facts about Rebecca:

Rebecca lives in Berlin, in her heart, however, she is Italian. Well, not just in her heart, but officially as well. She is half Italian and used to live in Florence and Milano and still spends a couple of months in Italy every year.

When she is not on Berlin, you can find her somewhere in Italy. We are quite jealous when we think about all the tasty Italian food that she, her husband and her son put in their bellies.

Oh, and also important to know: Rebecca has a fable for wide, uninhabited landscapes.

Rebecca’s best trait:

Rebecca is unbelievably conscientious – very much so that she gives herself deadlines only to be done even earlier. Crazy, right?

Rebecca’s worst trait:

Her unbelievably distinctive knowledge about the Italian cuisine. It is almost painful to read her reports about Italian dishes. It makes us crave Italian food all the time.

Rebecca’s favorite travel destination:


Rebecca’s dream destination:

To travel with the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Beijing. Why? Because you cross so many different countries and landscapes and because you stop in places that you would never see otherwise.


Head of Fairy Department

Nadia was our first employee ever and has been working for us since 2017 part time. Her tasks are not so easy to describe. But we will give it a try.

Nadia is our good fairy in the background: She adds and updates articles, so that they look good for you, helps us do research and takes care of the administrative parts of our 22places online photo course and helps us with all the things that occur.

Just like Julie, Nadia studied and lived with Jenny in Holland and in Berlin (again sorry, Basti).

Useless facts about Nadia:

If you ask Nadia where she is from, she has to take a deep breath.

The answer is not so simple, because she was born on the Philippines and raised in Tel Aviv, Cyprus and Berlin. But actually her family is rooted in a small town near Cologne.

As you can see, Nadia is simply made for our small but nice 22places team.

Nadia’s best trait:

Nadia is our rock. She gives us the feeling that everything will be good, no matter what.

Nadia’s worst trait:

She lives even farther away than Julie: in Heidelberg. But again, we are working on that one relentlessly.

Nadia’s favorite destination:

New York

Nadia’s dream destination:

To walk back on her own footsteps. Nadia was born on the Philippines, but she knows the country only from photo albums as she went on to the next adventure with her family when she was 2 years old. Wouldn’t it be cool, to see all those places from her photo albums? Extremely cool, we think!


Working Student

Aylin is our working student and Julie’s right hand.

She initially did not plan on working for a travel blog. During her research for a trip to Sri Lanka – she wanted to study for her exams – she stayed on our blog and discovered our job offers.

We are very happy that she likes to procrastinate just as much as we do, otherwise we would not have her in our team.

Useless facts about Aylin:

You would think Aylin studies something with media. But no, she incidentally studies law. Sure, why not? We raise our hats for that.

Aylin’s best trait:

To be honest, so far we have only seen good traits from Aylin. She speaks and writes English perfectly, works super efficiently and fast and studies law on the side.

Aylin’s worst trait:

Video calls with Aylin are really fun and feel more like talking to a friend – this way it’s easy to lose track of time. But hm, that’s not actually a bad trait.

Aylin’s favorite destination:

Sri Lanka

Aylin’s dream destination:

Aylin wants to see the polar lights and travel very far up North. That’s convenient, she could go with Julie. Or maybe we all go and make it a company outing.


Working Student

Lena forms – together with Aylin – our working student team. The calculation was pretty simple. Julie has two hands – Aylin is Julie’s right and and Lena takes care of Julie’s left hand. Otherwise it would be unfair.

Lena discovered 22places by chance, saw our job ad and just like that we had her application in our inbox. One meeting later, we could welcome Lena in our team. And by now we know: having a marketing master student in our team is worth its weight in gold.

Useless facts about Lena:

Lena does sports. That doesn’t sound unusual at first. But Lena does not simply do sports, no, what she does, she does it right.

Lena is also a fitness trainer. And that does not only benefit her, but us as well. Once a week Lena gives a live workout for the whole team – of course via live stream. This is team building 2.0. Yeah!

Lena’s best trait:

Everything Lena starts, she finishes with inner calm and ease. We could all use a bit of that.

Lena’s worst trait:

That Lena looks so relaxed during sports as if she was drinking a fresh coconut in a deck chair on the beach. And how the rest of us look – well – we don’t want to go into that here.

Lena’s favorite destination:


Lena’s dream destination:

Lena wants to drive down the Atlantic coast from France via Spain to Portugal with a self-built camper and stop wherever she likes and where there are good waves – sounds really amazing!