Spain travel guideView of the coastline of Spain

Spain travel guide

Beautiful destinations and useful tips for your vacation in Spain


We spent our very first vacation together in Spain. Yes, in Spain! Not on an exotic island. Who would have thought?

We were at the Costa Brava and in Barcelona, one of our absolute favorite cities in Europe. Of course, we had tapas and red wine every day. Mmmmm yummy!

We’re not alone with our love for Spain. The country is the most popular travel destinations among Germans.

Of course, this is mostly due to Mallorca and the Canary Islands, the most popular travel destinations for beach vacations.

But the Spanish mainland has so much more to offer than Barcelona: the elegant capital Madrid, the mountain area in North Spain and the beautiful cities in Andalusia.

Spain is always a good idea, which is why you’ll find our travel tips for your vacation in Spain here.

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