Mauritius: The 11 Most Beautiful Beaches and Best Places to Stay

In a nutshell

  • Our favorite beach at the northern coast of Mauritius is Trou aux Biches. Our hotel tip: Veranda Pointe Aux Biches.
  • A beautiful beach at the western coast is Le Morne. Our hotel tip: Happy Day Guest House.
  • St. Felix is a true hidden gem for a beach at the southern coast of Mauritius. Our hotel tip: Shanti Maurice.
  • The beach Belle Mare is located at the eastern coast of the island and is fantastic for snorkling. Our hotel tip: The Residence Mauritius.

These were our 4 top tips for beautiful beaches and hotels on Mauritius. Want to find out more about the beaches and accommodation on Mauritius? Then just read on!

General hotel tips for Mauritius

Mauritius is a classic vacation island, so it has a huge selection of hotels. Depending on when you want to travel to the island and what kind of vacation you’re planning, room rates may vary vastly.

How much does a hotel in Mauritius cost?

Besides basic factors like amenities and location, the travel time in Mauritius also greatly affects the price of the hotel.

The peak tourism season in Mauritius is from September to March, so room rates are a bit pricier around that time, especially around Christmas and New Year.

June and July are probably the cheapest time to visit the island – the two months are considered off-season and you can often benefit from special discounts. Prices are also generally lower from April to October.

And finally, how much you can expect to spend on your stay also greatly depends on the hotel category you choose. Mauritius has a large selection of luxury resorts offering everything your heart desires. Of course this comes at a price, which can easily be as high as several hundred euros per night.

Then again, there are also quite a few cheap hotels in Mauritius and it’s perfectly feasible to travel the island even on a tight budget.

How far in advance should you book?

How far in advance you should book depends on when you intend to travel to Mauritius. If you’re planning a vacation during the peak season, you should make sure to book your hotel at least 3 months in advance, possibly even earlier.

That way, you’ll have a larger selection of rooms to choose from, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to snag an early bird discount.

In the low season, one to two months in advance should be plenty, but the more specific your needs, the earlier you should book. After all, Mauritius is popular!

Luxury vs. basic: Are cheaper hotels on Mauritius worthwhile?

Mauritius has hotels in every price range. You can’t really go wrong when you book a luxury resort. Luxury hotels leave nothing to be desired – from beautiful, well-furnished rooms to huge pool complexes with a view of the ocean.

But there are also a few great mid-range hotels, some of which even offer direct access to the beach.

However, we recommend that you do a bit of research on hotels with 2 to 3 stars and pay close attention to the independent reviews on

There are only a few hotels with less than 3 stars in Mauritius, and they’re generally a bit further away from the beach. The same advice applies here: research, research, research!

How should I book hotels in Mauritius?

If you’re planning a vacation in Mauritius, you have the choice between a package tour and booking your hotel and flight separately.

Both alternatives have their pros and cons. We prefer booking our flights first, and then booking our hotels separately at That gives us the greatest flexibility and we have the opportunity to travel around and stay at different hotels.

For example, if you’re going to Mauritius for three weeks, you can get to know a different side of the island every week.

But package deals also have their advantages. Mainly that everything is taken care of for you, so all you have to do is get on the plane, land, and you’ll be picked up at the airport on arrival and driven straight to your hotel.

The right beach for your vacation plans

Everyone has different expectations for their vacation. Some people just want their peace and quiet, others prefer to do sports, or perhaps just a decent selection of stores, restaurants and bars nearby.

Here’s a list of possible vacation activities and which beach we would recommend for each of them. The numbers refer to the beach map that you can find in the next section.

Kite and windsurfing: Beach No. 5: Le Morne in the west of the island
Surfing: Beach No. 6: Tamarin Bay in the west of the island
Sunsets: All beaches in the west
Rest and recreation: Beach No. 9: Belle Mare in the east of the island. Our hotel there: The Residence
Dream island: Beach No. 10: Île aux Cerfs off of the east coast
Snorkeling: Beach No. 11: Blue Bay in the east of the island or beach No. 3: Trou aux Biches in the west of the island (especially suitable for beginners thanks to coral reefs just off the coast)
Best infrastructure:  Beach No. 4: Flic-en Flac (large selection of hotels, apartments, restaurants, and nightlife) or Beach No. 3: Trou aux Biches (good combination of tranquility and good infrastructure – our hotel: Veranda Hotel Pointe aux Biches)

The most beautiful beaches in Mauritius on a map

Mauritius has a huge number of beautiful beaches where you can relax and unwind.

But if you prefer a more active lifestyle and enjoy water sports, Mauritius is definitely the place for you.

Which beaches you should visit depends on what kind of vacation you’re planning.

Want to surf or jet ski? Then the beaches in the north, south, and a few in the west of the island will be your personal paradise.

On the other hand, if you’d rather just relax on the beach and perhaps go snorkeling, then the west and east of Mauritius should be perfect for you. The east in particular is less well developed as far as tourism goes, so you can look forward to practically deserted beaches and a more authentic flair.

But which are the most beautiful beaches on Mauritius? We’ll be taking a closer look at the hot spots. This map shows our personal favorites.

In the next sections, we’ll tell you why we like these beaches the most and share our hotel tips for each beach.

The most beautiful beaches in Mauritius

North coast: Beaches and hotels

The north of the island is one of the tourist hot spots in Mauritius. No wonder – after all, the north has many of the most beautiful beaches and some of the most well-known sights on the island.

The most beautiful beaches to stay on the north coast of Mauritius

The north of Mauritius has a good combination of secluded, quiet bays and large beaches with all kinds of leisure activities.

You can easily travel from one beach to the next and spend one day relaxing and the next day kite-surfing along the coast.

We liked three of the beaches in the north of the island best:

#1 Grand Baie Beach

This beach is probably the most famous in the north of Mauritius and there are a lot of hotels and restaurants here.

Pros of staying in Grand Baie

  • You’ll be fully integrated into tourist life.
  • There are several boat tours that start from here.
  • Almost all the hotels are located directly by the beach.

Cons of staying in Grand Baie

  • It can get very crowded, especially in the peak season.
  • Only few opportunities for swimming.
  • The nearby bars can get a bit noisy.

Our hotel tips for the Grand Baie Beach

#2 Mont Choisy Beach

Just 4 km from the tourist center, this long beach is a hidden gem. Deep blue water and pearly white sand make for a picturesque backdrop.

Pros of staying in Mont Choisy

  • It’s a great place for swimming and snorkeling.
  • There are several trees where you can doze in the shade.
  • It’s pleasantly quiet during the week.
  • There are several mobile kitchens offering cheap and good food.

Cons of staying in Mont Choisy

  • The beach is a bit remote.
  • There are very few toilets and shower facilities here.

Hotel recommendations at the Mont Choisy Beach

#3 Trou aux Biches

Truth be told, we thought this was the most beautiful beach on the north coast: azure blue sea and fine sand, surrounded by coconut trees.

It’s a great place to go swimming and try out a variety of water sports.

Pros of staying in Trou aux Biches

  • Swimming and snorkeling are very good here.
  • There are several restaurants, resorts, and beach clubs where you can go for a meal.
  • There are several diving schools and water sports providers.

Cons of staying in Trou aux Biches

  • The beach often gets a bit crowded.

Hotel-Empfehlungen in Trou aux Biches

West coast: Beaches and hotels

The west of Mauritius is also very well developed for tourism and offers everything the heart desires: shopping areas, restaurants and leisure activities, and of course plenty of hotels. Many hotels are located directly on the beach or at least in the immediate vicinity.

The most beautiful beaches to stay on the west coast of Mauritius

The west coast also has some of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius.

There is an offshore coral reef almost everywhere you go, which is why the west is really great for snorkeling and diving.

Just like in the north, the west coast offers a good combination of beaches with shallow, calm waters and bays that are renowned by surfers worldwide for their perfect waves.

Which beaches are the best places to stay? These ones:

#4 Flic en Flac

This 8-kilometer-long beach, not far from the capital, features wonderfully soft coral sand and is flanked by lush vegetation.

A pleasant breeze often blows here, making it a great spot for windsurfers.
 But the beach also offers ideal conditions for bathing due to its shallow, crystal clear water.

Flic en Flac is also famous for its breathtaking sunsets.

Pros of staying in Flic en Flac

  • Not just great for swimming, but also for water sports.
  • Pleasant shade thanks to the many trees.
  • Most of the bars and restaurants on the island are located here, and if you want to go out partying in the evening, Flic en Flac is the best place in Mauritius for you.

Cons of staying in Flic en Flac

  • The beach is quiet and laid back.
  • Dangerous currents can occur outside the secured areas.
  • The coral reef is very close to the beach, so you have to watch your feet when you go bathing.

Hotel tips in Flic en Flac

#5 Le Morne

Le Morne
Le Morne

The beach is located on the peninsula of the same name at the foot of the mountain Le Morne Brabant and is the best beach for kite and windsurfing. But even if you just want to go swimming, you’re going to love this beach because of its unique scenery.

Pros of staying in Le Morne

  • Hotels and restaurants are close to the beach.
  • Great for snorkeling, kite-surfing, and windsurfing.
  • There are several restaurants in different price ranges.

Cons of staying in Le Morne

  • Often gets a bit noisy, rather touristy.
  • It can get very windy.
  • There can be strong currents at times.

Our hotel tips in Le Morne

#6 Tamarin

This beach is a paradise for surfers – there are particularly high waves here from June to September.

But even if you aren’t into surfing, you can have an amazing time here, for example watching dolphins that seem to be especially fond of this bay. The beach isn’t sheltered by bay, but opens out right onto the open sea.

Pros of staying in Tamarin

  • Particularly beautiful natural scenery.
  • Dolphins like to visit the bay in the morning.
  • Ideal for surfing.

Cons of staying in Tamarin

  • The sand isn’t that fine.
  • Hotels here tend to be more expensive.
  • Sometimes the waves can get quite high, making bathing less enjoyable.

Our hotel recommendations in Tamarin

South coast: Beaches and hotels

The south of Mauritius is still relatively undeveloped due to its partly wild landscape. This means that the selection of hotels is smaller than in the north or west of the island.

Nevertheless, there are some great hotels that we’d like to recommend to you.

The most beautiful beaches to stay on the south coast of Mauritius

The south coast of Mauritius is less interesting for the typical beach vacationer, as the coast can get very rough with high waves.

This is because there is no coral reef here, so the waves of the ocean thunder up against the coast with no protective barrier.

That means the south is rather unsuitable for bathing and snorkeling, but great for long walks and beautiful views of the ocean from the cliffs.

These are the most beautiful beaches in the south of Mauritius:

#7 Gris Gris

Gris Gris isn’t a typical beach for bathing, but nevertheless it’s one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Mauritius. The beach has high, black cliffs where the waves break. Great for photos and wonderful for hikes.

Pros of staying in Gris Gris

  • Great view of the sea.
  • Perfect for photos.

Cons of staying in Gris Gris

  • You can’t go swimming because of the strong current.
  • The path leading to the rocks can be a bit exhausting.
  • The viewpoint at Gris Gris is often crowded with tourists.

#8 St. Felix

St. Felix is real hidden gem among the beaches in the south of Mauritius. The sea here is a beautiful turquoise to deep blue shade and offers a great scenery for photos on sunny days.

You can’t go swimming at the beach of St. Felix due of the strong current, but it doesn’t get very crowded during the week, making it a great spot for relaxed walks.

Pros of staying by St. Felix

  • It’s nice and peaceful during the week.
  • The beach is great for walks.
  • Because of the high color contrasts between the green vegetation and the different blue tones of the sea, you can take some fantastic photos here.

Cons of staying by St. Felix

  • Not suitable for bathing.
  • St. Felix hardly has any tourist infrastructure.

Hotel tips for the beach of St. Felix


Auberge de Saint Aubin (is about 3km away)

East coast: Beaches and hotels

Similar to the south coast, the east coast also provides the opportunity to get to know Mauritius from its most authentic side. There are less accommodations here than on the west coast, but it has some of the best hotels on Mauritius.

Since the east coast is not so well developed for tourism, things are generally calmer here. Wonderful if you just want to relax and don’t want to endure the hustle and bustle of tourist life.

The most beautiful beaches on the east coast of Mauritius

The east coast of Mauritius boasts long white beaches, small colorful villages, and secluded bays. All in all, you can spend a wonderful time relaxing here, because the beaches are usually rather deserted and the natural landscape is still wonderfully intact.

Even though the east coast is beautiful throughout, we also found some favorite beaches here.

#9 Belle Mare

With a total length of 5 kilometres, the beach in the north extends from the village of Belle Mare towards the south, ending at the village of Trou d’eau Douce. The north is generally a bit rockier. Further south, however, the beach is wonderfully shallow, with white sand and crystal clear water.

Pros of staying in Belle Mare

  • Particularly shallow beach, great for snorkeling.
  • Not overcrowded.
  • Because of its length, the beach is ideal for long walks.

Cons of staying in Belle Mare

  • Hotels here are generally more expensive.
  • Rather small selection of restaurants and leisure activities.

Hotel tips for Belle Mare

Good and afforable
Belle Mare
Belle Mare Beach – right outside hotel The Residence, where we spent the first three days of our trip.

#10 Île aux Cerfs

Île aux Cerfs is a small island off the east coast of Mauritius and very popular with tourists. The beach looks just like a postcard – with white sand, palm trees, and shallow, crystal clear water.

Ideal for a day trip, but not exactly deserted either. But there are several restaurants and all kinds of leisure activities available, such as parasailing and kayaking.

Pros of staying near Île aux Cerfs

  • Beautiful postcard beach.
  • Several water sports activities and restaurants.
  • Shallow water, great for relaxing.

Cons of staying near Île aux Cerfs

  • There are no hotels on the island, so you can only visit Île aux Cerfs by day.
  • The island can get pretty overcrowded, especially in the evening.
Ile aux Cerfs
Île aux Cerfs

#11 Blue Bay

Blue Bay is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. The contrasts between the different blues of the sea and the lush green vegetation are especially striking.

It also has a fully intact coral reef, which is ideal for snorkeling and diving.

Pros of staying in Blue Bay

  • Breathtaking nature, crystal clear water.
  • Thanks to its intact coral reef, it’s a great spot for diving and snorkeling.

Cons of staying in Blue Bay

  • Not that many hotels by the beach.
  • The beach is located in the southeast, so it takes a bit longer to get there.

Hoteltipps in Blue Bay

Our hotels in Mauritius

We stayed at three hotels during our time on Mauritius and would like to tell you about our experiences at these hotels.

#1 The Residence Mauritius

Our bedroom at The Residence in the east of Mauritius
Our bedroom at The Residence in the east of Mauritius

We spent three nights at the wonderful hotel The Residence. It is located in the east of the island by Belle Mare Beach (No. 9 on our list).

The hotel belongs to the absolute luxury class in Mauritius and is definitely not a cheap choice by any stretch of the imagination. But everything is simply perfect and the hotel is definitely worth the price tag.

The beach is a dream, the rooms are stylishly furnished, and the service is really excellent without being overbearing. Also, breakfast and dinner at the hotel were really exquisite.

We highly recommend The Residence if you want to treat yourself to something and we’d jump at the opportunity to stay here again anytime.

To The Residence Mauritius

#2 Paradis Beachcomber Le Morne

We also stayed three nights at the Hotel Pardis Beachcomber. The Beachcomber is located in the southwest of the island by Le Morne Beach (No. 5 on our list).

The beach is really beautiful, but apart from that we haven’t got many kind words to say about the hotel. It’s in the same price category as The Residence, so it’s far from being a bargain.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a good experience there: our room was run down (mould in the bathroom, dirty pillows), and the service and food were mediocre at best.

Even though the location is so beautiful, we’re sad to say we can’t recommend staying at the Paradis Beachcomber.

#3 Veranda Pointe aux Biches

Our room at the Veranda Pointe aux Biches
Our room at the Veranda Pointe aux Biches
Veranda Hotel Pointe aux Biches
Veranda Hotel Pointe aux Biches – the small but lovely infinity pool in the Privilege wing of the hotel.

We spent a whole two weeks at the Veranda Hotel in Pointe aux Biches. The hotel is located in the northwest of the island between the beaches of Mont Choisy and Troux aux Biches (Nos. 2 and 3).

Unlike the other two, this hotel does not belong to the luxury range, but is rather an upper mid-range hotel.

We felt very comfortable at the hotel. The service is very warm and friendly because the complex isn’t all that huge. The hotel’s private beach is beautiful and wonderful for swimming. As it’s relatively shallow, it’s also especially suitable for children.

The hotel has so-called Privilege Rooms. These rooms are located in a separate wing of the hotel with its own swimming pool and restaurant. The private restaurant is a real plus, as the food there is clearly better than at the big restaurant.

All in all, we highly recommend the Veranda Hotel Pointes aux Biches. It definitely offers great value for money.

To the Veranda Hotel Pointes aux Biches

Do you have a hotel tip for Mauritius?

Those were our hotel tips and the best beaches on Mauritius. Do you have a hotel tip for Mauritius that you want to share with us? Then we look forward to your comment!