9 Special Guided Hamburg Tours

Moin, Moin! Do you want to explore Hamburg from a different angle? Then we have just the right extraordinary Hamburg tours!

Hamburg is always worth a visit.

If you want to explore the city from a different perspective, we recommend a tour with a real insider.

We have put together the most exciting and interesting guided tours through Hamburg.

Of course, we won’t show you ordinary tours, but only the most special ones.

City tours are a great way to explore a city, it’s one of our favorite things to do in Hamburg.

Are you excited? Then let’s go!

Die Große Freiheit 36
One of the most famous places on the Kiez: Die Große Freiheit 36.

The best Kiez Tours

The “Kiez” in Hamburg is probably the one area with the most stories about it. So it’s no surprise that there are lots of exciting tours. We are now going to show you our favorites.

#1 Sex & Crime in St. Pauli

The Sex & Crime Tour (for ages 18+ only) through the Kiez, offers – as the name suggests – an insight into the sex business and criminal machinations in Hamburg’s red-light district.

On this tour, you can finally ask all the questions you ever had to gang members, brothel owners and sex workers.

This tour will eventually bring you to the legendary Kiez pub “Die Ritze”.

The tour takes 2 hours and costs 23 euros per person, including a beer or a softdrink.

To the Sex & Crime ´Tour in St. Paulin, ages 18 +

#2 In the Footsteps of Olivia Reeperbahn Tour

If you wanna learn more about St. Pauli, Olivia Reeperbahn Tour might be just your thing.

While getting to know the infamous district of Hamburg, the guide will spoil you with great anecdotes about the drag-queen, Olivia.

One of the highlights of this tour is the highest cocktail bar in the area, with a great view of the harbor.

The tour costs about 15 euros per person and lasts 2.5 hours.

To the Olivia Reeperbahn Tour

#3 Reeperbahn Tour – ages 18+

On this 2,5 hour tour you will see the private St. Pauli sex museum, the theater mile, the Reeperbahn with the Davidwache, the Herbertstraße and the party mile.

You will get tips for the best shows and which pubs and bars are the most popular.

The tour costs about 15 euros and takes 2,5 hours.

To the Reeperbahn Tour

Musical Tours

#4 Music Tour: The Beatles in St. Pauli

What would the Beatles be without Hamburg? 1960 their career started in Hamburg’s “Indra”, soon after they became world stars.

This city tour leads you to the most important places that these mushroom-shaped heads touched and that lead to their success. Of course, there will be live music as well.

The tour costs about 24 euros and takes 2,5 hours.

To the Beatles Tour Hamburg

#5 Elbphilharmonie Guided Tour

After 10 years of disasters, bad luck and mishaps, the Elbphilharmonie is finally done and offers a dreamy view over Hamburg’s port. Here you will find out about the building delays and the advantages and disadvantages of the architectural wonder.

This one-hour walk will be guided by a specified city guide and costs about 19 euros.

If you have already been interested in the building, you can finally ask your questions and learn more about it.

To the Elbphilharmonie Guided Tour

Culinary City Tours

Is there anything better than getting to know the culinary side of a city? No, exactly! That’s why we love city tours that revolve around food and drinks.

#6 Culinary Tour of the Schanzenviertel

You’re a foodie, just like us? Then this culinary guided tour through the Sternschanze is prefect for you! The Schanzenviertel is hip, alternative and since 2008 also officially a separate district, full of cafés, restaurants and quaint boutiques.

Here your guide will take you on a tour through the most popular restaurants, parks and streets, full of historic facts and incredible stories about the Hanseatic City.

For 39 euros per person, this 3 hour tour will take you to 5 venues with food tastings. Don’t worry, even if you’re a vegetarian you will get your money’s worth.

To the Culinary Tour of the Schanzenviertel

#6 Hamburg Craft Beer Tasting Tour

If you prefer liquid food, we have just the right tour for you: The Hamburg Craft Beer Tasting costs 39 euros and takes about 3 hours.

On this city tour, you will learn about the 1,000 year brewing tradition of Hamburg and you will get the opportunity to taste 7 craft beers in the local breweries and select your favorite.

The walk will starts in a hotel in Hamburg that used to be a brothel and leads to the Schanzenviertel. Here you will meet the beer enthusiasts in bars and you can try a huge amount of different seasonal sorts.

Our Tip: For this tour you should definitely have a good breakfast first. We don’t want you to stagger after half an hour!

To the Craft Beer Tasting Tour

Non-walking tours

You are tired of walking around cities like a common tourist? Then we strongly recommend you check out these special tours that will guide you through the city in a different way.

#7 Bike Tour

You consider a tour by foot dull? Well, how about exploring the city by bike?

For the sporty visitors among you, a bike tour might be just the right thing. You will make a stop at all the important sights and see much of the beautiful city on the way – off the main roads.

The 3,5-hour tour begins at the office in St. Pauli and costs 33 euros, bikes included.

To the Bike Tour

#8 Port Tour

Did you know that the area of the city of Cologne would fit into the Port of Hamburg? Neither did we.

If you want to experience the unique flair of the Hanseatic city, a maritime tour is just what you were looking for.

You will pass the Elbphilharmonie, the cruise terminals and see Hamburg from a completely different angle.

This 2 hour tour along the skyline of Hamburg costs 28 euros.

To the Maritime Port Hamburg Tour

#9 Evening Illumination Tour Cruise through the Harbor

While seeing the Port at daytime is extremely interesting and fascinating, seeing it beautifully illuminated at nighttime is simply romantic.

If you want to enjoy this breathtaking view, the illuminated ocean liners and container cranes, you should try this extraordinary Hamburg tour.

The one-hour tour takes place every day, whereas the departure time depends on the sunset time. It costs 22 euros per person.

To the Illuminated Evening Cruise