9 Special Amsterdam City Tours

You want to explore Amsterdam differently? With a real insider that knows the city like the back of his hand? Perfect! We have the best guided tours through Amsterdam.

A great way to experience Amsterdam like a local is a tour by a real insider.

We usually plan one or two guided tours when doing a city trip, in order to get to a completely new impression from a city.

The following guided tours show you the exciting history of the red-light district, insights into the different city districts and the real Amsterdam.

Bike Tour Through Amsterdam

How do real Amsterdams move around? With a bike, of course!

Thus on a bike tour through Amsterdam you move around like a local and get to know the most beautiful parts of the city.

On this three hour tour you ride on bikes across the most famous parts of the city with an English speaking guide while getting a first glimpse of the most important sights.

The tour is especially useful if this is your first trip to Amsterdam and you want to get a broad overview on the city.

Jenny did this tour when she studied in Holland on her first time in Amsterdam and can really recommend this Amsterdam guided tour.

To the bike tour in Amsterdam

Bikes in Amsterdam
Bikes! Bikes everywhere! On a bike tour you get to know Amsterdam like a local.

Life of Anne Frank & World War II Walking Tour

Hey, history buffs! This tour’s for you! And if you think history’s boring, think again. This walking tour of Anne Frank’s footsteps is anything but dull.

You explore the Jewish Quarter and hear all about Anne Frank’s life and the Dutch resistance during WWII. Not only will you see famous spots like the Jewish Historical Museum, the Auschwitz Memorial, and the Anne Frank House, but you’ll also visit Anne’s secret hideouts from the war.

The tour lasts about two hours and the group size is just right, so your guide can answer all your questions.

To the red-light district crime tour

Red Light District Tour

If you haven’t been to the red light district, you have not really been to Amsterdam. What happens behind the scenes of Europe’s most sinful mile?

No doubt: the oldest business in the world is both fascinating and hideous at the same time. Still, a certain curiosity towards the wanton night life cannot be denied.

This tour is all about the city’s liberal attitudes towards sex, drugs, and prostitution.

You visit a coffee shop and get a taste of Amsterdam’s famous relaxed vibe. After that, you take a walk through the red light district with a local guide who shows you the ins and outs of this iconic neighborhood.

And last but not least, you explore some of Amsterdam’s narrowest streets and get a feel for the city’s unique character. Get ready for an eye-opening experience!

To the Red District Tour & Coffee Shop Tour

 Our Tip: If you want do the tour with younger participants, you should book a private tour. This way the tour can be adapted to the participants’ age.

Amsterdam red light district
We definitely recommend a guided tour through the red light district.

Private Crime Tour

Ready to uncover Amsterdam’s secrets? This 2-hour private tour takes you on a journey through the city’s dark side. You learn about the Dutch mafia, the drug trade, and the realities of human trafficking.

And, you see how the police are working to tackle these issues and get a glimpse of a side of Amsterdam that not many people know about. Get ready to dive into the city’s criminal history and explore the red-light district, complete with its winding narrow streets.

You also get an inside look at the current crime situation in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, so come ready to ask questions and be amazed!

To the Private Crime Tour

Classic Boat Cruise with Cheese & Wine

What makes Amsterdam so special? We could name quite a few things and the canals are definitely one of them.

As the city is located 26 % below sea level, something needed to be done 300 years ago in order to keep the city from being flooded.

The result is the many canals on which you can cruise comfortably. On this 1,5 hour ride you can see all the highlights of Amsterdam and will be getting information by the guide.

On top of that you’ll get tasty cheese and wine. What else is there to want?

To the Canal Tour with Cheese & Wine

Amsterdam Canal Boat
Amsterdam is perfect to explore by boat.

Evening Canal Cruise

Amsterdam has not only a beautiful charm during the day. Especially at night, the city lights are a delight for every romantic.

If you want to spend the night on a luxurious boat while watching the lights, this tour might be just right for you.

With the docks and canals in the background, the attentive crew cater for a nice atmosphere and the well-being of the guests.

To the Evening Canal Cruise

Ajax Amsterdam Stadium Tour

If your heart beats for soccer, you will love this tour. Ajax Amsterdam is one of the most famous clubs in the world and on this tour you will see their home: the Johann Crujiff Arena, named after the most famous Ajax player.

You may step foot on the holy pitch, take a seat on the substitutes’ bench and go to places of the stadium, that is usually reserved for players and officials.

For every football lover, this tour is something very special!

To the Amsterdam ArenA Tour

Amsterdam Arena
A game in the Amsterdam Arena is a fantastic experience. But if you want to step foot on the grass of the pitch yourself, a stadium tour is your only chance. Basti went all the way to Amsterdam for the UEFA Cup finale in 2013. That’s what we call real football love!

Coffee Shop Tour

On this walk you will get to know the best coffee shops in the city and experience the coffee shop culture up close.

Throughout the tour you’ll learn about the current drug policies and the history of marijuana. Of course, you can try the weed in the best shops of the city – only if you want to.

Your local guide certainly knows where to find the best Ganja in town and which kind is right for you. If you want to, he will show you how to toll a joint.

To the Ganja Cultural Coffee Shop Tour

Windmill Tour around Amsterdam

Far away from the busy Amsterdam, you can do this entertaining and informative trip through the picturesque landscape of the Netherlands.

The historic windmills of Zaanse Schans as well as the typical green houses and warehouses are definitely worth a visit.

This tour leads you through the picturesque surroundings that still resemble those of the 17th century: the windmills, the rustic fisher village Volendam, the one-hour canal tour and a visit to a traditional cheese factory are the highlights of this half-day tour.

To the Windmill Tour

Windmill of Amsterdam
Windmills simply belong to Holland. You will see some of its most beautiful on this tour.